L’Appartement / Images Vevey / Session N°7

L'Appartement • Vevey (Suisse)

Date d'ouverture
28 juin / 5 novembre 2023




Stefanie Moshammer
Each Poison, A Pillow

Each Poison, A Pillow combines documentation and personal memories to present a candid approach to a taboo topic: alcoholism in women. Drawing on her childhood and discussions with her mother, Stefanie Moshammer designed an installation to evoke the particular characteristics of this addiction through a variety of media, including photography, videos, textiles, scientific studies, advertising and screenshots.

Each Poison, A Pillow also gave rise to a book published by Éditions Images Vevey.



Jeff Wall
A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai)

The famous Canadian visual artist Jeff Wall collaborated with the independent photography book publishing company TBW Books to turn his large photograph A Sudden Gust of Wind (after Hokusai) into a book-object. When his work is hung on a wall, the ambient air flow gently moves the 98 unbound lightweight sheets of paper, recalling the original photograph of four people and a sheaf of papers swept away by the wind, a scene inspired by a woodcut by the Japanese artist Hokusai..



Augustin Lignier

The second Prix Images Vevey x ECAL was awarded to Augustin Lignier.

For his Master’s project, he built a pristine white cube inside his bedroom and, every day for almost two months, he locked himself inside it. As he repetitively and obsessively triggered the shutter release, he put his body’s limits to the test to experiment with the apparatus. This performative and conceptual approach resulted in Container, a project that questions the alienating relationship between a photographer and their camera.



Laia Abril
Menstruation Myths

Laia Abril’s project, On Menstruation Myths reveals the plight of those experiencing this biological mechanism in societies that despise it. The artist used texts and images to explore myths and beliefs of various cultural origins, alongside unsettling statistics on the way of life for girls and women during their menstrual cycle. Displaying both research and visual metaphors, the installation allows a better comprehension of the tragic repercussions of miseducation and silence regarding the menstrual calendar.

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